Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Round 6: Where in the World is the Birdie Baby Accessory

Hello my traveling Birdie Baby fans!  This is our last round our game, so i am again offering a bonus prize of a souvenir from one of our travel destinations if we get 50 people to play this round.  We are extending the contest a week so that we have enough time for everyone to play, so tell you friends!

Before you play you need to be sure that you have become a follower of Birdie Baby's blog as well as gone to FB and "liked" her page.

I will give you clues and a picture of the CITY we are in.  You may already know the answer or you may need to get online and look up some of the clues, i suggest that you check all of the clues to be sure you have the right location, even if you think you know.  Once you have discovered the CITY submit your answer along with either your paypal, email, or full name in the comment center of the blog, NOT ON FB (we only ask for this information to have a way to contact the winner).  All of the correct answers will be put into a random drawing, and one lucky winner will receive a $5 gift certificate for BBB. You may ONLY comment once, repeat comments will not go into the drawing twice.  Be the 1st, 5th, and 25th to answer correctly and get your name in the drawing twice.  Let's make this fun so no cheating.  As I mentioned this round is a bit harder, so please be sure to search all of the clues to get the right answer.  Don't scroll down to the comment section and copy other answers, find the answer for yourself :)

Our game will run from July 19th (9am EST) to July 26nd (9am EST).

As long as you played at least 5 of our 6 rounds you will also be entered into a drawing for a final prize from one of our travel locations, so be sure to play this time!

What CITY are we in....

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, this is a small city of around 67,000.  Check out nearby historical sites such as Mt Rushmore, or just 40 miles to the West, see the town where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane used to roam.  One week every August the roar of Harley Davidson’s flood the city from the Rally going on just 30 miles away in the small town of Sturgis.  Stop and watch as the B1 bombers fly overhead from the nearby Air Force base, home of the 28th bomb wing.  Camping, fishing, and hiking are just on our cities back porch in the beautiful Black Hills.  In 1972 the city was flooded by a flash flood that caused Rapid Creek to destroy everything in it’s path killing 238 people and injuring 3,057.  Still to this day you can see remnant structures in the flood plain from the destruction.  It is a place of small town values with a big town dream....There truly is no place like home!!!!

Due to the season that we were in this location, i was not able to take any outdoor photo's so the picture is not a clue, but i promise you this picture was taken in our city!


  1. Rapid City, SD?
    Amy C.

  2. Rapid City, South Dakota? Maybe...hopefully LOL giabowtique [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. Rapid City, South Dakota! Andrea Schoenbeck andreaschoenbeck@hotmail.com

  4. Rapid City, SD!
    Sarah King. skron00@hotmail.com

  5. Rapid City, SD

  6. Rapid City, SD

  7. Rapid City, SD

  8. Hi, just liked you on FB so I would lilt to take a guess. I think this cutie-pie is in Sturgis, South Dakota.

  9. you would be in Rapid City, South Dakota!

  10. Rapid City, SD

  11. Rapid City, South Dakota


  12. Rapid city, south Dakota


  13. Rapid City, SD


  14. rapid city, sd :0 ilyssa.maisano@gmail.com!

  15. Rapid City, SD! <3 hsmetzge@gmail.com She's too cute!! My Grandparents were just there a few weeks ago!