Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photography Incentives Program

I would like to begin a Photography Incentives Program. Many of my customers are photographers or customers purchasing accessories for professional photos. For how many items I send out my doors a week, I'd love to be seeing more of them in action!

I know how costly the prop collecting can get and I hate that I am unable to offer discounts to all the professionals I work with... so....

This is where the incentives come in!

If you have a professional image of one of my creations in use and are willing to share it with me for use in listings I would like to offer a $5 credit to my shop per image used.  Just to clarify, I would not consider reposting the image on my facebook page as use-- I often like to do that just to send some potential new fans your way. If I use your image in an Etsy listing, on my website or in a promotional collage or ad I would issue you a credit! (This does not apply to returned photos I have sent out free products in return for photos) You can save your credits for use together or as I issue them. As always, all listings will contain links back to you when your photos are used. Please note that not all images will be used & credit will be issued only for those that are. Additionally, this is not retroactive for photos sent me in the past, sorry!

I have created an online document {here} to help me keep track of the submissions. Please fill out this form & send the images to me via email with  Photography Incentives Submission in the subject line.

Looking forward to seeing all your fantastic images!

Thanks so much,



  1. great idea! LOVE this! I will certainly be sending images your way, I have a lot of headbands to use!
    -Ilyssa of ThreeBabies Photography

  2. awesome! from Lorena Tomblin Photography ;)

  3. This makes me wanna shop...and round up some cute babies!!