Monday, April 11, 2011

Small Beginnings Photography

This post highlights the talents of one of my very favorite ladies. Courtney started off as a  customer & after I figured out she was a talented photographers became my go-to gal for pics of my creations.  She always, always gets me quality photos of my goodies (and quickly at that, I might add. Admitedly, I am not the most patient person around :)

Not only is she talented as all get out, she is so sweet & caring! She orders so many things from me & they are always for someone else. Thoughful gifts, little treats to pass out to little ones at her sessions... she just has a huge heart! ( I love that this gal still gives thank you gifts :) Courtney has surpassed from business associate to friend & I am so lucky she came into my life!

You can find her work here on her blog, here on her facebook & contact her here via email!

Enjoy these stunning examples of her work:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Marissa Moss, Blue Bird & Birdie Baby.

I approached marissa about working with me after finding her online several weeks ago. As you all know, I just moved from good ole' Texas to sunny Florida. I set to work finding the perfect partner in crime for all my photography needs. We met for coffee, chatted, brainstormed & set up our first official shoot.

You can see what drew me to her by scoping out her blog, website, or facebook!

This shoot was doubly special because it was also my first collaboration with Bleu Bird Designs. Delainey's beautiful outfit was pure hand made goodness. Check out the talents of Bleu Bird on Etsy & Facebook! See what I mean?

Never one to play favorites, Nova needed a special outfit to wear as well! Who better to ask than the one who has taught me everything I know about hand made goodies? My mom! I've finally convinced her to start herself a little Etsy shop, but that's another blog post. :)


Knowing my Delainey, things could get sticky if she decided she wasn't having it.... so I brough along my sweet niece Nova & my sister for tickles & giggles. The girls were amazing! We went to a beautiful hotel called the Vinoy right here in St. Pete.

It had several things going for it in the girl's (okay, Nova's) minds.

A. It was pink.

B. There as a fountain to toss coins into... a favorite past time on her frequent mall visits with her mom. Mall rats, those two.

C. I MAY have told her a little fairytale that inside this beautiful tower.... lived a princess and that she needed to act like a princess too because the tower princess was watching her from up there . Hook. Line. Sinker.

I know you always think your kids are the cutest. But tell me these two aren't the CUTEST.

I have several favorites, and she still has more to send me!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Round 3: Where in the World is the Birdie Baby accessory

We are ready to take a little trip again.  We feel blessed to have to opportunity to experience these places first hand, and enjoy sharing them with all of you BBB fans!

Before you play you need to be sure that you have become a follower of Birdie Baby's blog as well as gone to FB and "liked" her page.

I will give you clues and a picture of the CITY we are in.  You may already know the answer or you may need to get online and look up some of the clues, i suggest that you check all of the clues to be sure you have the right location, even if you think you know.  Once you have discovered the CITY submit your answer along with either your paypal, email, or full name in the comment center of the blog, NOT ON FB (we only ask for this information to have a way to contact the winner).  All of the correct answers will be put into a random drawing, and one lucky winner will receive a $5 gift certificate for BBB. You may ONLY comment once, repeat comments will not go into the drawing twice.  Be the 1st, 5th, and 25th to answer correctly and get your name in the drawing twice.  Let's make this fun so no cheating.  Don't scroll down to the comment section and copy other answers, find the answer for yourself :)

What CITY are we in......
Remember, if you play every game of where in the world is the BBB accessory until July (monthly) you will get entered into a drawing for a great prize from one of our travel locations!!!  Don't worry, if you didn't play the first game you are still eligible as long as you play all remaining rounds.  Don't miss out!

The game will run from April 2nd 9pm EST until April 3rd 9pm EST.

This city, although renamed in 1996, is still to this day known by 2 names and so i will accept both as the correct answer.  It is the most populated city in its country and the 2nd most populated city in the world.  In 1687 it was the headquarters of the British East India Company.  This city was once 7 islands, and in 1782 onwards the city was reshaped in continuing civil engineer projects into one single mass.  This city is diverse and houses the most wealthy to the destitute.  It’s most well known slum, called Dharavi, is one of the biggest slum communities in the world and is estimated to house between 600,000 and 1 million people. The movies produced in this city are vibrant films filled with dance and music.  A 2008 film by Danny Boyle depicted a young man from the streets of this city who went on to change his fate by becoming a millionaire.