Sunday, June 12, 2011

Round 5: Where in the World is the Birdie Baby accessory

Hello my traveling Birdie Baby fans!  We only have 2 rounds of our game left, so i am again offering a bonus prize of a souvenir from one of our travel destinations if we get 50 people to play this round.  We are extending the contest a week so that we have enough time for everyone to play, so tell you friends!

Before you play you need to be sure that you have become a follower of Birdie Baby's blog as well as gone to FB and "liked" her page.

I will give you clues and a picture of the ISLAND we are in.  You may already know the answer or you may need to get online and look up some of the clues, i suggest that you check all of the clues to be sure you have the right location, even if you think you know.  Once you have discovered the ISLAND submit your answer along with either your paypal, email, or full name in the comment center of the blog, NOT ON FB (we only ask for this information to have a way to contact the winner).  All of the correct answers will be put into a random drawing, and one lucky winner will receive a $5 gift certificate for BBB. You may ONLY comment once, repeat comments will not go into the drawing twice.  Be the 1st, 5th, and 25th to answer correctly and get your name in the drawing twice.  Let's make this fun so no cheating.  Don't scroll down to the comment section and copy other answers, find the answer for yourself :)

Our game will run from June 12th (9pm EST) to June 19th (9pm EST).

Remember, if you play every game of where in the world is the BBB accessory until July (monthly) you will get entered into a drawing for a great prize from one of our travel locations!!!  Don't worry, if you didn't play the first game you are still eligible as long as you play all remaining rounds.  Don't miss out!

What ISLAND are we on......

Our Island is 8 degrees south of the equator.  Its highest mountain is an active volcano known as “Mother Mountain” or Mount Agung.  Beaches in the South tend to have white sand compared to beaches in the North that have black sand.  If you want to see monkeys all you have to do is visit the “monkey forest” temples, like the most popular on in the Ubud area.  The island is surrounded with an abundance of reefs great for exploring.  Although the US lifted their travel advisory in 2008, Australia still lists it as a 4 danger level on a scale of 5.  Its Country has a Muslim-majority, but the island is nearly 93% Hindu.  This Island is renowned for its diverse and sophisticated art forms.  The Islands charm is accentuated with a look of ancient ruins brought on by bright green moss growing on most of its temples and statues, and surrounded by lush green foliage.  It truly is an island of beauty and tranquility!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Only 2 rounds left!!!!

Hello Birdie Baby fans! We only have 2 rounds of "where in the world is the BB accessory" left to play!  The bonus prize is still up for grabs, a souvenir from this rounds travel destination, but we need to get 50 people to play before it will be given away!  We will again be running the game for a week to give every one time to play.  Remember that if you have played every round since the beginning you will also be entered at the completion of the game to win another souvenir.  Don't worry if you missed one round, i will still enter you into the drawing.   So hurry up and tell your friends because the bonus prize is only up for grabs if we get at least 50 people to play!!!

The contest will run June 12-19th, so we will see you then!