Sunday, June 5, 2011

Only 2 rounds left!!!!

Hello Birdie Baby fans! We only have 2 rounds of "where in the world is the BB accessory" left to play!  The bonus prize is still up for grabs, a souvenir from this rounds travel destination, but we need to get 50 people to play before it will be given away!  We will again be running the game for a week to give every one time to play.  Remember that if you have played every round since the beginning you will also be entered at the completion of the game to win another souvenir.  Don't worry if you missed one round, i will still enter you into the drawing.   So hurry up and tell your friends because the bonus prize is only up for grabs if we get at least 50 people to play!!!

The contest will run June 12-19th, so we will see you then!

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