Saturday, April 9, 2011

Marissa Moss, Blue Bird & Birdie Baby.

I approached marissa about working with me after finding her online several weeks ago. As you all know, I just moved from good ole' Texas to sunny Florida. I set to work finding the perfect partner in crime for all my photography needs. We met for coffee, chatted, brainstormed & set up our first official shoot.

You can see what drew me to her by scoping out her blog, website, or facebook!

This shoot was doubly special because it was also my first collaboration with Bleu Bird Designs. Delainey's beautiful outfit was pure hand made goodness. Check out the talents of Bleu Bird on Etsy & Facebook! See what I mean?

Never one to play favorites, Nova needed a special outfit to wear as well! Who better to ask than the one who has taught me everything I know about hand made goodies? My mom! I've finally convinced her to start herself a little Etsy shop, but that's another blog post. :)


Knowing my Delainey, things could get sticky if she decided she wasn't having it.... so I brough along my sweet niece Nova & my sister for tickles & giggles. The girls were amazing! We went to a beautiful hotel called the Vinoy right here in St. Pete.

It had several things going for it in the girl's (okay, Nova's) minds.

A. It was pink.

B. There as a fountain to toss coins into... a favorite past time on her frequent mall visits with her mom. Mall rats, those two.

C. I MAY have told her a little fairytale that inside this beautiful tower.... lived a princess and that she needed to act like a princess too because the tower princess was watching her from up there . Hook. Line. Sinker.

I know you always think your kids are the cutest. But tell me these two aren't the CUTEST.

I have several favorites, and she still has more to send me!!


  1. Love it Katy. I love the last picture of D with the purple flowers in her hair. Great shoot. Now I wish we still lived in Pasco County so we could play.

  2. They are beautiful!! I love those adorable outfits as well!

  3. Me too Robyn! I wish you did too <3

    Thanks Tiffany!!!