Sunday, February 6, 2011


Thank you all for playing and making "Where in the World is our BBB accessory" a success.

You all guessed it, we are in fact in Hyderabad India!  This is not just a vacation spot for us, this is temporarily our home.  Our darling baby girl loves this wild city and sports her BBB accessories all over town!  Remember to play every month for a chance to also win a prize from one of our locations, i promise you mommies will love it and it's just for you!

Today's prize is $5 gift certificate to Birdie Baby Boutique!  Our lucky winner is Lisanne Gibson.

You have 24 hours to reply to your email  or post on BBB fanpage to claim your prize, otherwise a new winner will be drawn.

Thanks for playing!  See you next month!!!!


  1. Wow, you are living in India? That's pretty cool, I would love to visit to have some truly authentic Indian Food.

  2. For anyone who tried to play but was not able to leave a comment the issue has been fixed. Since it was not your fault that you were not able to play i will not count this first round against the grand prize. Starting next month, however, you must play every round to be entered! Thanks for playing, see you next time :)

  3. We sure are...we have been living here for 2 1/2 years and it is certainly a wild place! Hyderabad is not known for their food, i would say it's one of the least favored areas as far as fare is concerned. They are known for one good dish, biryani, and it is tasty :)