Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where in the world is the Birdie Baby accessory?

Hey there Birdie Baby Boutique friends!!!  I hope you are ready to take a little trip with us!  Its time to play "Where in the World is the Birdie Baby accessory"!!!!  Here is how to play.

Before you play you need to be sure that you have become a follower of Birdie Baby's blog as well as gone to FB and "liked" her page.

I will give you clues and a picture of the location we are in.  You may already know the answer or you may need to get online and look up some of the clues, i suggest that you check all of the clues to be sure you have the right city, even if you think you know.  Once you have discovered the CITY submit your answer along with either your paypal, email, or full name in the comment center of the blog, NOT ON FB (we only ask for this information to have a way to contact the winner).  All of the correct answers will be put into a random drawing, and one lucky winner will receive a $5 gift certificate for BBB. You may ONLY comment once, repeat comments will not go into the drawing twice.  Be the 1st, 5th, and 25th to answer correctly and get your name in the drawing twice.  Let's make this fun so no cheating.  Don't scroll down to the comment section and copy other answers, find the answer for yourself :)

Remember, if you play every game of where in the world is the BBB accessory from now until July (monthly) you will get entered into a drawing for a great prize from one of our travel locations!!!  Don't miss out!

The game will run from February 5th 9pm EST until February 6th 9pm EST.

Today we want to know what CITY our BBB accessory is we go!

Our city is always buzzing with activity, even as night sets in you can still hear the horns of the nearby traffic.  Lazy palm trees sway in the warm subtropical breeze with a year round average temperature of 79F and a average yearly rainfall of 30.1 inches.  Cows wander through traffic with out a care or worry, and it is not much to hope to see a camel or two as you go about your day.  Tall skyscrapers overshadow the many slums that are scattered through out the never ending city that covers nearly 650km.  It is a city filled of culture and many religions and boasts of its fresh water pearls.  People are crowded together in this metropolis that houses over 4 million leaving it the 6th most populated city in its country.  They are a culture in love with dance and music and their movie actors are known as "Tollywood" stars.  It has become a major hub for information technology and so has earned an additional name of "Cyberabad". It is the capitol of its state, and some of the must see sights are the Charminar and Golconda Fort.

What city are we in?

**remember, be sure you have the right answer before you comment as you will only get one entry.  Put your answer and full name, paypal, or email address to enter to win.**


  1. Sorry its late ladies....i am on the other side of the world! Have a great time :)

  2. Hyderabad, India! So lucky you have such beautiful, warm, weather!

    Sarah King

  3. Hyderabad, India is my guess.

    Nicole Deitrick

  4. Hyderabad, India!

    Are you really there right now??

  5. Oh shoot.

  6. Hyderabad, India
    Fun game
    Gail Good

  7. Thanks ladies! Be sure to leave an email address or way I can contact you! If you'd prefer not to leave it here, be sure to check back tomorrow night for the winner announcement!! <3

  8. Hyderabad, India.
    Sara Keenan

    The little baby in the picture is ADORABLE!! All dolled up in her Birdie Baby accessories :) LOVE IT!!

  9. Hyderabad, India - Jennifer Roberson

  10. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India!

    Lucky gals!

    L. Forcey

  11. hyderabad

  12. Hyderabad,India
    Misty Ehart

  13. Hyderabad "the city of pearls", India
    Holly Metzger

  14. Hyderabad India

    Meredith Jayne (FB) (Email)

  15. Hyderabad, India
    Melanie Gipson

  16. Hyderabad India
    Lisanne Gibson
    livingsimplynm at gmail dot com

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  18. Crap I forgot to post my email.. Can you fix the mess up since I erased my first post??

    My guess is Hyderabad, India! :)

    girlsaved at gmail dot com is my contact email.

  19. Hyderabad, India

    john deitrick

  20. Sorry...didn't leave my email:

  21. Hyderabad, India