Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birdie Baby around the world

Good morning Birdie Baby friends, or should i say good evening (since i am writing this from the other side of the world)!  Let me introduce myself, my name is Karen and i am a huge Birdie Baby Boutique fan.  I was blessed with a darling daughter who looks adorable in all of her BBB accessories!  If you have not experienced first hand any Birdie Baby accessories or blocks let me be the first to tell you the quality is amazing and the love and care that goes into every item is apparent, you won't be disappointed!  Katy is a truly talented and hard working mother and i find her to be an inspiration!

I am an American currently living overseas with my husband and our little girl.  I can't tell you where because it will ruin the game!  I have had an amazing opportunity to travel to some very cool places and have a few more on the calendar in the year to come.  I am planning on taking you "around the world" and am in the process of gathering all of my clues.  We are going to try to play a little game i like to call "where in the world is Birdie Baby Boutique."  The rules will be simple and i am sure that Birdie Baby will come up with a fun prize for the winner.

I am excited to be part of the BBB blogging team and look forward to our journey together.  So grab your passport and get ready for the adventure!


  1. how fantastic! we love BBB in our house as well =)

  2. That's awesome Karen! And since I know where you live and where you're going, I'll be sitting this one out. :) Happy travels to you and your BBB-clad baby!