Saturday, December 18, 2010

Promote Birdie Baby

Morning friends! Facebook has recently changed a lot of their guidelines, so to be safe I plan on posting all of our promotions & contests on our blog. So if you aren't a follower, you definitely should be.. and I promise to actually blog once in a while ;)

I do love a good promo, competition or anything that motivates folks. Who doesn't? I also love you fans. Birdie Baby has been very successful this year & I truly do like to pass that along to you guys. Those of that that have been with us for a while surely can attest to this!

We've stalled out at 4,300 fans & I'd LOVE to see us make it over the 4,500 hump by the New Years. Help us out!! Send your friends our way, tag us in your status, post our link, and mostly, have our new friends tell us who sent them. We're offering up a $25 gift certificate to whomever sends the most love our way once we reach our goal of 4,500.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make Birdie Baby a success in 2010, it's been an amazing year & I am really looking forward to what 2011 will bring!

Lots of Love,


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